Friday, November 13, 2009

Durrrr loses - Again

Freshly installed in Vegas and ready to start playing in the sixth season of ‘High Stake Poker’, durrrr could not resist looking up Isildur1 to try to recuperate some of the losses that he had incurred over the last few days. The plan had one glitch, though, and it was that Isildur1 had no plans giving anything back. The whole affair was quite one sided and after just over three hours and 2142 hands, Isildur1 had busted his opponent at four tables and won another $705K. However, it doesn’t seem like durrrr has had enough yet, as he wowed to be back after he had finished playing in the TV show. (From Highstakesdb)

It is amazing that Islidur1 has come out of nowhere and toppled Dwan like this.

Dwan is down over 3 million in the last week!

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